Ditch the Shoes // 5 Benefits of Training Barefoot

City Surf Fitness Barefoot


There’s no doubt that shoes provide us with comfort, support, and some stability—not to mention the fashion statements they can make while we’re sweatin’ it up at the gym. But there’s a different side to shoes, one that many athletes aren’t aware of. 

Instability // At times, shoes can actually immobilize our feet and ankles—which is slightly counter-intuitive, we agree. By wearing shoes all day, every day, we are actually restricting the natural movement of our feet. This encourages certain muscles and connective tissues within our bodies to weaken, putting us at greater risk for instability and even injury. Eek!

Added Stress // Our feet were designed to be the foundation of our bodies; they send signals to our brains about the surrounding environment. But because shoes are placed between our feet and the surrounding environment, these signals from our feet to our brains are often times not fired off, which adds stress to our bodies by causing muscle instability and improper body alignment. These stresses start in our feet and ankle region but are quickly distributed across the whole body, which can become painful.

Barefoot training may be brand new to you, but we promise you’ll quickly adapt and soon realize the true benefits. So, let’s ditch the shoes and hop on a board, barefoot—you won’t regret it! 


  1. Strengthen those lazy muscles — by having shoes on throughout the day, certain nerves, muscles, and tissues are not forced to work and become lazy. Through barefoot training, you fire those inactive body parts up, put them back to work, and they become much stronger than they would be with shoes on.

  2. Improve your balance — while you’re training barefoot, you’re engaging muscles throughout your entire body. By having your feet straight on the board or the floor, you’re engaging and strengthening core and leg muscles that boost your balance.

  3. Align your muscles — by ditching the fancy tennies, you’re able to work your body in a way that it was designed to work. During the workout, your weight is spread over your entire foot which engages hip, leg, and core muscles that typically stay dormant at the gym. This engagement helps your body align in a natural fashion.

  4. Less prone to injury? Don’t have to tell us twice — by ditching the shoes, strengthening previously dormant muscles, and working in a naturally aligned state, your body becomes stronger and ultimately less prone to injury.

  5. One less thing to pack — gym bag getting a bit full? You already have to pack an entire outfit, training without shoes allows you to leave an item at home. One less thing to worry about!

Ready to ditch the shoes? Book a board with us today!