Our Mission: to share the world of surfing to all!

Our mission at City Surf is to use the world of surfing to achieve three major objectives and it continues to drive us today - 

1. Share our passion for surfing with the world!

Surfing is such a beautiful sport that encompasses so many qualities we value: fitness, fun, nature and friends. If our studios can just open the world up to learn more about surfing, we did our job. 


2. Make fitness fun and available to everyone!

Fitness today can be so stuffy and exclusive to certain groups. At City Surf we want to enjoy working out, sweating and challenging your physical abilities. We are all given such incredible bodies capable of so many great things, it is our job to keep them active and enjoy doing so. 


3. Inspire more people to be active however they can!

Life is too short and is meant to be enjoyed outside with friends and family. We want to empower the world to go live an active life however they can. No more sitting on the couch for hours, driving in the car all day, or living in the office. Just take time everyday to get outside and hike, run, walk, slackline, surf, bike, play volleyball and such much more. Just watch how much happier you'll become and all your stresses melt away. #nobbaddays


To all our current clients: thank you for all your support and stoke! We hope we have opened your eyes to the world of surfing, made fitness fun, and inspired you to live more healthy and active lives. 

To all our future clients: go find your local studio and let us deliver on our mission and join our City Surf family to start living a more active, fun and healthy life today!