Science Behind City Surf Fitness

Your body’s ability to move, whether hitting the slopes, riding a wave, or running a new trail, is dependent on your dynamic balance. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles inhibit our movement patterns. We sit and stare at screens most of the day creating muscular imbalances, a weak core, and poor posture as well as poor body composition. The result is an injury prone body incapable of experiencing life the way we were meant to – with strong spirits and adventure.

City Surf is a science-based solution. By combining functional movements, high-intensity interval, and stability training techniques, City Surf Fitness addresses our movement deficiencies while providing a superior technique to improve our body composition and strength developing a lean and toned fit body.

Functional movement: moving through multiple planes using multiple joints

  • Enhances athleticism, coordination, and balance,
  • Emphasizes total body conditioning as opposed to isolation training, and

  • Increases metabolic demands and caloric expenditure

High-intensity intervals: performing exercises with shorter rests and higher repetitions

  • Increases your muscular endurance and strength,

  • Enhances your cardiovascular efficiency and metabolic efficiency, and

  • Increases your lean body mass

Stability training: using stability surfboards create a controllable unstable environment

  • Improves coordination, flexibility, and mobility,

  • Increases heart rate response, oxygen consumption, and caloric expenditure, and

  • Improves core stability and strength, as well as postural control

City Surf Fitness is intentional training led by highly qualified trainers in a boutique class setting to ensure the highest quality of instruction. Find your local studio, book your board today, sign up for 3 class in your first week, and we guarantee you will tone your body, burn between up to 450 calories per class, and increase your overall strength and conditioning.