Why I Love City Surf - A Member Testimonial

  1. Classes are only 45 minutes, but you will work your a$$ off the entire time. It can be intimidating at first, but the results are worth it!
  2. The instructors teach good form above all. Speed and strength don't matter if you're going to get injured. With other group workouts, the classes are too big for the instructors to watch everyone. But CS does it right, and they'll motivate and correct without singling anyone out.
  3. You NEVER get bored. Some classes focus on core, strength (resistance bands, kettle bell, etc.), cardio, circuits, HIIT, etc. And everything is on the board, so you're working out muscles you never knew you had, including in the feet!
  4. Speaking of feet... I had foot surgery last year, and working out barefoot at CS built the flexibility and strength back into my foot better than my physical therapist could! 
  5. They stick to the surf theme, and turns out some of them are actually surfers! Love the surf videos on the wall to distract me as I count down the last rep...
  6. It's a community and great way to meet new people. They host volleyball, running, happy hours, etc. Everyone is friendly, and you never feel social pressure/shame for accidentally snoozing through that 6AM class.

To sum, this is the best strength-building and endurance workout I've ever done. I grew up playing a handful of sports, always trying different workouts, but I've never had core strength, balance, and a "leaner" look than I have with City Surf! - City Surf Member Annie S.