Why City Surf? From Co-Founder Lauren McHenry

In a time where it seems like everyone is trying their hardest to not be a basic B, I on the other hand wanted to take fitness back to one of the basics. BALANCE. Without balance just about all movement is unattainable. So, with this in mind I decided to dig deep and see how can I take my fitness knowledge/experience and this concept of a surfboard used for balance training and put the fun in "fun"ctional training.

 I wanted a concept that would create a sustainable physical body that was both strong and agile and built to last our ever lengthening lifetimes. So after about 120 days and countless hours of spending lots of one on one time with my surfboard City Surf Fitness was born! 

After I dusted the cobwebs off of my social life I started to reach out to friends and family to see who would let me practice on them, it didn't take long before I realized that all walks of life from pro athletes to 70 year old men would be better off both mentally and physically from this concept. 

I wanted working out to be fun again. I didn't want it to feel like a chore but more of an entertaining challenge for your spirit and your body. Life is serious in many ways but the 45 mins you take for yourself don't have to be. People might feel silly and awkward doing a pop up or paddling from Jaws on dry land, but hidden in all of that is one killer full body workout!