On The Mend - A Member Testimonial

My journey at City Surf began the month of March in 2016.  It was unlike any other, since prior to starting classes I was in rehab for 10 months due to a major knee surgery in 2015.  I had a complete realignment of my knee, with bio cartilage put in, and a minor meniscus repair.  I had bruises from my hip to calf, to give you an idea of how invasive this surgery was.  For those 10 months, I had to basically relearn how to walk.  The whole time wondering "Will I ever be able to run again?"  It was one of the most painful recoveries I have had to go through.  I put mental blocks up,  there were many nights crying myself to sleep because PT was so exhausting and frustrating, but I never gave up.  Eventually, I got through it, and after those 10 months of PT, I wanted to find a place that challenged my balance and strength.  That's when I found City Surf.

During my recovery, I had a PTA that tried out City Surf and loved it.  I was immediately intrigued and told myself when I was done rehab I needed to try it.   Months went by and I was driving down Magazine Street to go home one day and I passed by City Surf.  I was so shocked it was only blocks from my home!  The next week I emailed the owner Becky and told her my story.  She was so willing to answer any questions and concerns I had when I came into the studio to check it out.  I spent a good 15 minutes there just chatting and was overwhelmed by the love. 

When I tell you City Surf has changed me for the better, I am not exaggerating!  The sense of the community you feel is overpowering, and knowing that everyone in that class is there for the same reason you are: to become a better version of yourself.  It's not a competition. I'm not gonna lie it took me a very long time to knock down my mental blocks.  Mind you, it took a few months to try a run again.  My physical therapist knew my mental blocks, but yet I found myself standing there in the rehab clinic not moving, terrified to try and run.  I pushed myself and broke down that wall, and I knew that's exactly how City Surf was gonna be.   Over the year at City Surf my body changed in ways I thought it never would. My shoulders are so toned, I have muscles I never thought existed!  Most importantly my knee strength excelled!  City Surf challenged me more than anything I've tried.  Like most, people I am very hard on myself and never saw a difference, but the people around me did.  I was happy, healthy, and loving the body I was in.  A year later, I saw a huge difference when I looked at old photos of myself. 

Sadly, in April of 2017 I had an MRI done on my left hip.  The pain wasn't as bad a my knee, but it was definitely keeping me from doing what I knew I was capable of.  The MRI showed a labral tear, but during surgery we found out good news that it wasn't!  Basically my hip flexor was very tight and I had a lot of damaged cartilage.  My doctor worked his magic and 4 months later, I CAME BACK.  City Surf is that addictive that it's hard for me to think I will ever leave. 

After my hip being my 3rd surgery,  my doctors and physical therapist both told me that running is just something that I would have to give up.  Being 21 years old and told you can’t do something is not what you want to hear. Who likes being told you can't do something that you want to do?   I learned to be okay with that because City Surf gave me that feeling again.  That feeling of relief from school, work, and just life in general. Taking that one hour to dedicate to yourself is so important. Most importantly, those lavender eucalyptus towels at the end of every workout makes it so worth it! 

Coming back to a second time to City Surf after surgery is a lot harder because I knew what I’m capable of.  Those mental blocks aren't fully knocked back down yet.  My strength isn't all there, but I am patient because I know I will get there because I did it once before. I'm not gonna lie, I did cry in the cool down of my most recent workout because I felt so defeated, but I reminded myself of how defeated I felt over a year ago and look at where I am now.  I never thought I would be as strong as I am now and there is so much more room for improvement. 

City Surf holds such a huge part in my heart. They gave me everything I needed at a time in my life where I felt so low. I don't think they will ever realize how much of an impact they have made on my life and I am forever grateful.

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