City Surf To Indonesia - A Member Testimonial

My name is Andre Gaidzinski and due to a surf trip to Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, I have
trained for 30 days with City Surf Fitness Dallas to prepare myself for big swells, about 6
hours of paddling per day and sharp shallow reefs.

The amount of time you spend paddling on your board is about 6 hours per day. Two things
are needed: endurance and power. The endurance of the training is there. The power,
however, seems to me there is no other way to train if you are not in the water. Maybe,
manage the rubber band in a way that it forces you to create more “power paddling”. The
paddle is 50% of the wave. If your paddle is not sharp, chances are you will not make a
certain section of the wave and can end up with your face on the reef.

The other 50% of the wave is composed of lift-off(pop- up)(40%) and cruise (10%). In other
words: Paddling and Lift-off have to be ON SPOT!

Lift-off or pop-ups was the part that I felt very comfortable. I feel like all the different
training classes always had a bit of a surfing vibe and training for this specific attribute. In
addition, the instability of the board is what gives the difference between training at home
and training with CitySurf.

Common movements in between actual point break surfing and City Surf Fitness:
- Pop-ups with legs straight.
- Pop-ups with on leg in front (same positioning as surfing)
- Paddling endurance
- Core-training (for pop-ups/pump through the wave/hold on barrel position)
- “Many others that I don’t know the names of”

City Surf is the best option for surf-prep that you will find even if you are located on the
coast. The strength, endurance, and coordination are substantial supplementary training
aspects that every surfer needs to be on top of their game.