Why City Surf?

Our Method: 

City Surf Fitness offers 30 and 50-minute full body, high-intensity, surf-inspired strength and conditioning group classes. Our classes are designed to tone your body, burn up to 500 calories, and increase your metabolic rate through intentional weekday segmented programming combining functional movements, high-intensity interval, and stability training techniques.

Our classes host 10 to 16 clients ensuring one-on-one attention from our team of professional trainers and feature stability surfboards designed to increase your core strength and dynamic balance. In a class, you will move between body weight, kettlebell, resistance band, and dumbbell exercises on the board and on the floor experiencing a fun and challenging workout with an experienced training staff. Each class is designed and programmed daily with small group personal training intention to develop a strong, lean, and toned body that is capable of a high performing active lifestyle.

Science Behind City Surf Fitness:

Your body’s ability to move, whether hitting the slopes, riding a wave, or running a new trail, is dependent on your dynamic balance. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles inhibit our movement patterns. We sit and stare at screens most of the day creating muscular imbalances, a weak core, and poor posture as well as poor body composition. The result is an injury prone body incapable of experiencing life the way we were meant to – with strong spirits and adventure.

City Surf is a science-based solution. By combining functional movements, high-intensity interval, and stability training techniques. City Surf Fitness addresses our movement deficiencies while providing a superior technique to improve our body composition and strength developing a lean and toned fit body.

Test the Waters: 

Find your local studio, book your board today, and in just three sessions we guarantee you will tone your body and burn between 300 t0 500 calories per class!