Celebrate the break

Life, like a wave, is an unstoppable force... but breaks do exist. Whether you need to sweat out the stress, laugh with some friends on a board or push yourself to your limit, a 45 minute class will help you achieve exactly what you need. Our HIIT, Strength, Barre, and Yoga inspired classes on stability surf boards will bring the recess back into your life while giving you a great workout. Celebrate a break from the daily hustle.

more than core

Feel stronger, more stable, and completely energized. Every City Surf class is a total-body workout incorporating cardio, strength, and mobility movements designed to free your mind, tone your body, and let you play. You will be challenged and a feel your body change while laughing, sweating, and moving with a fun-loving community.

we make waves

We are a community of real, passionate members and instructors who are down to make waves and changes. Changes to our mindset, body, our community and the world. City Surf is nothing without our community and we live out our passions together. Our instructors are motivating, fun, and engaging and our members are encouraging, caring, and, well, kick-ass. We all get involved with local events, support meaningful causes, and experience endless adventures. Want more than a sweat? Hop on a board today and experience, it all, with us.