I’ll be candid with you, I never really understood the appeal of workout classes. I’ve always opted to go to the gym or on a run instead of joining my friends at spin or hot yoga. After spending the first 18 years of my life getting yelled at by my softball and volleyball coaches during conditioning sessions, having the freedom to craft my own workouts at the gym was, and still is, important to me.

Around the beginning of the year, though, I was struggling to push myself at the gym. Call it a workout rut, if you will. Coincidentally, Laura, from City Surf Fort Worth, had contacted my sorority at about the same time, offering a free (holla!) private class. The morning after that first class, muscles that I wasn’t even aware I had were sore. It was safe to say that my workout rut was over!

Fast forward a few months – I graduated from TCU and moved to Dallas. You can ask my roommate how excited I was when I found out that City Surf Uptown was around the corner from our apartment. There are quite a few reasons I love City Surf, but I’ll narrow it down to three so I don’t talk your ear off (like I do to everyone else who asks me about it).

You never take the same class twice. Classes range from strength training to more cardio-based workouts. Also, each instructor has his or her own take on each class. Put those two together and you never know what’s coming your way when you walk in the door. Just when I think I’ve mastered all of the City Surf moves out there, the instructors incorporate a new type of interval into the mix. Not to mention, interval training is great because (1) you can do anything for 60 seconds, and (2) it keeps your body on its toes. Just when you start to ask yourself, “Is [insert instructor name here] trying to kill us?” you switch to the next move.

The instructors can’t be beat. Speaking of instructors, these guys are awesome. They motivate you to push yourself without getting all up in your face.  They offer modifications for most moves so you can challenge yourself more, or catch a break if you’re feeling like you might keel over at any second. The positive energy, authentic personalities, and bomb playlists make for 45 minutes full of good vibes.

It’s different. I was born and raised in Texas, and have never touched an actual surfboard in my life… but I go to a workout class centered around surfing-inspired exercises. Let that one sink in. I’m in the middle of Dallas paddling out and catching a wave – all while getting a killer core workout. City Surf lets me live out my very unrealistic childhood dream of being a pro surfer, without the risk of getting attacked by a shark. If you were as obsessed with Rip Girls, Blue Crush, and Soul Surfer as I was, you understand. Not to mention, every exercise you do on top of the board requires you to engage your core because you’re having to continuously stabilize yourself. Whether you’re working your legs or arms, your core is in on the action, too. I’m pretty positive you can’t say that about any other workout class.

I’ll leave you with the fact that I am the furthest thing from a morning person. Regardless, I get up and get my City Surf fix in before sunrise on most weekdays. You don’t know me, but I (pinky) promise that says a lot about City Surf. Peace and pop ups!

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