Alright, for those of you who have ever been to one of my classes, I am sure you could guess my favorite moves just by how my classes are programmed. For those of you who have never been, this is a spoiler alert of what you will certainly see! Starting with #5:

#5 The Plank:

You will hear me say "Plank and Hold" every single class of mine. I use it as a warm up, active recovery and even in the heat of my Ripcore class. I love the it, especially on our boards! Not only is the plank incredible for builidng trunk stability (your core), we put it on an unstable surface making you focus even more on that center section. Our stomachs are full of lazy muscles, and doing any version of a plank (on those palms facing down, on your elbows facing sideways, or dipping those hips left and right) makes it very difficult for other muscles to pick up the slack. Have you ever noticed your hips hurting during an ab series? You don't have "bad hips," your core just doesn't want to do the work. OH! And for anyone with back pain, the plank is your best friend. It is a great way to strengthen your trunk without increasing pain. There is a reason we work from the midsection up and down at City Surf, without core muscles, everything above and below cannot be supported properly. #WhenInDoubt #PlankItOut

#4: Alternating Reverse Lunges with Trunk Rotations

If you are reading this and thinking "what is that?", I don't blame you. I should probably think of a better name for this move, but for now, leaving it at this. The alternating reverse lunge with a trunk rotation is another move that is great for stabilization. Not only is the lunge on the board, but when you begin to rotate over your front leg with added weight or just body weight, more muscles are having to work. This movement slows down your lunge and adds difficulty. I love using this move for my regulars who have gotten used to a regular lunge on the board. All of sudden with this rotation, the legs are shaking again and you are having to focus more. And again, added trunk stability moves will only improve your movement in class, help prevent injury, and make your day to day movements smoother.

#3: Surf Push Ups:

Surf Push Ups, Shoulder Push Ups, Tricep Push Ups, Triangle Push Ups, Incline, Decline or Classic, I LOVE THEM ALL. Where the focus of Push Up are the pectorals major (chest muscle), triceps on the backs of your upper arms and your deltoid, the push up does much more for the body than just those arm muscles. You have to keep your trunk strong! Seeing a trend here? Your core is then working, your arms, and naturally because you are squeezing your center section, your legs are squeezing too. Your body is having to work as one unit. Push Ups are also great for posture correction, teaches you how to set those shoulders back. I stress in every class how important posture is. We sit all day in hunch positions at our desk, in our cars, looking at our phones. In a pushup, you are retracting those shoulders, getting them out of that protracted position. Then lastly, its a great way to work upper body strength and prevent injury of the lower back. Strength, stability, and posture correction all in one move, it is a must do move in your workout routines!

#2 Board Jumps with a Squat at the Top:

I love kicking your butts, challenging you, but making sure the cardio portion is controlled as well and the Board Jumps with a Squat at the Top do exactly that. The jumping is your cardio, the landing on the board is your core control, and then the squat adds strength into the movement as well. I enjoy adding the jumping onto the board because it makes you guys nervous. Some people think "No way, I am not jumping, it will end horribly." But then when you finally try it, it boosts confidence and the overall energy of the class is ever higher! 

#1 Waverunner:

THE Waverunner, City Surf's version of the mountain climber, is my #1 move and this is why!  Your muscles are hard at work balancing, controlling and moving your body. Numerous muscles stabilize the upper arm bone into the joint. Your triceps keep your arms straight. Your abdominals along with your back muscles control your hips and sustain your core. The quadriceps of your back leg fully engage to keep your leg erect. The hip flexors fire up to draw your knee in toward your chest, and your butt muscles contract to extend the hip. In other words, you are getting a full-body workout. And because of all the muscle s working your heart rate is increasing too! Normally the hardest and your least favorite moves are the best for you. Think of it as the "vegetables of our diet," the might not taste the best, but they do the best things for you. 

See you guys on board! Be ready to work!