The two most popular names for a boy in 1981 were Christopher and Michael. It’s almost as if my folks said, we’ll take those two! And the rest is history. In my opinion, I’m your average 35 year old living among the good people of Dallas.

When I was younger, I was your typical kid that played every sport. Regardless of my lack of skills or genetic makeup, I played – or at least tried. Most notably, I ran cross country for 5 years (looking back I have no idea why I decided to stick with that decision). I also played reasonably high level basketball for about 15 years. Again, genetics be damned, I played. A few years ago, my body forced me to stop as my knees, the binder of MRI disks and my doctors said my body couldn’t do it anymore. In an understatement, that was a sad realization.

And that led me to group fitness. In an effort to channel my competitiveness from on-court wins and losses into my internal competitive spirit, group fitness was a great fit (no pun intended). A couple years ago, I moved to Dallas from Manhattan. While in New York, I picked up on Class Pass and stuck with it in Dallas. A former coworker recommended I try City Surf. And again, the rest is history.

After a couple months of Class Pass and City Surf, I found that I really wanted to take more and more classes with Mitch, Lauren, and the rest of the gang in Uptown and Deep Ellum. So I took the plunge and joined just one studio. Two years, 6 City Surf t-shirts, and a solid 20 lbs. of muscle later and I’m still here.

If you’re someone that thinks City Surf Fitness is for the elite or the super heathy… well, you’re wrong. You don’t have to be a ninja or surfer or 5% body fat to get a great workout. I went from “skinny fat” with no muscle to transforming my body (same weight, different body) in this time. My knees click every time I take a stair step, and yet my legs are in the best shape of my life. I never had shoulders, never had strong quads and a good core, and that’s changed.

So if an average guy that has never surfed in his life, that could stand to lose a couple pounds (I do love snacks and Raising Cane’s) and is 10 years away from at least one knee replacement can get to a board, you can too.

They’ll tell you not to join a studio or a gym but to join a community. I feel like City Surf is part of my family…part of my DNA.  I hope to see you out on a board in the near future!

- Chris M.