It's the New Year and we are excited. With dreams of success and a better future fresh in our minds, we create a New Years resolution. We are motivated and ready to hit the ground running. But instead of hitting the ground running, we hit the ground running a full sprint! Overwhelmed by a large goal, we miss one day, throw in the towel, and move on from our resolutions; or, we make it through January, see results but end our resolution because the goal is unsustainable. We wait another 11 months and repeat the process. 

Let's face it, New Year resolutions rarely create the lasting change we'd like to see. It's estimated that New Year resolutions have a success rate between 8 and 12%. At first glance, those are not good odds. However, upon looking at the reasons why we fail it is possible to stack the chips in our favor and create the lasting change we'd like to see in our lives for 2018.

Follow these five steps to make sure your New Years goals are successful!

Step 1. Start with the end in mind:

Look beyond the month of January, determine what you'd like to change in your life, and create a SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound - goal to achieve in the future. Let's use a common fitness goal for an example, losing weight. We start with the goal "I will lose weight in the New Year", we make it specific and measurable with "I will lose 10 pounds in the New Year", then we make it achievable, realistic, and time-bound with "I will lose 10 pounds by March 31st, 2018." That's a SMART goal. 

Step 2. Change your outcome to an action:

There is one problem though, our SMART goal is focused on the future. Focusing on a future outcome can lead to stress, disappointment, frustration, fatigue, and a myriad of other avoidable obstacles. What can we do to avoid these issues? Simple. We reverse engineer our SMART goal to "Lose 10 pounds by March 31st, 2018" into one or two controllable small process goals. We will use one in this case. "I will take 3 group fitness classes each week at City Surf Fitness Denver with at least one day of rest to recover in between each workout to lose 10 pounds by March 31st, 2018." 

Step 3. Establish your if-then plans:

Life is hectic, obstacles always present themselves as we seek change in our lives. Snow, icy roads, a cold, or an unexpected late meeting at work can derail us from our New Years goals. One missed workout becomes two missed workouts. Two missed workouts lead us to throw in the towel until another month...or another year. But not this New Year! Create if-then plans to prevent an obstacle from derailing your goals. For example, we'd say "If the roads are icy and I cannot make a City Surf group fitness class, then I will complete a 15-minute circuit at home." Have the circuit made (ask your City Surf Fitness instructor for help - we are all personal trainers and want to help you achieve your fitness goals)!

Step 4. Join a community:

Motivation comes and goes. Set yourself up for success by finding a supportive community like the ones we have at City Surf Fitness - Dallas, Ft. Worth, Plano, Austin, New Orleans, Tempe, Atlanta, and Denver. By joining a City Surf Fitness studio you will stay motivated with variety in your exercise routines, support from a fun-loving community to that supports your positive habits, well-designed results-driven fitness classes by a City Surf Fitness instructor, and studio contests with prizes to encourage you achieving your fitness goals. 

Step 5. Make a New Year resolution goal and book your board:

If your goal is to lose weight, increase your level of fitness, or regain your health through strength, movement, and cardiorespiratory fitness we've got you covered at City Surf Fitness Denver. Join our New Years Resolution challenge and create a positive habit of exercising 3 times per week with a community through fun and challenging, results-driven group fitness classes while winning prizes.

Follow these three steps to participate in the challenge: 

  1. Purchase your Trial Month Membership for $75
  2. Schedule your classes (3 each week), and
  3. Earn a prize for each week you make at least 3 classes!

Set your goal, book your board, and visit City Surf Fitness Denver with our Trial Unlimited Membership ($75 for one month unlimited).